Electronic Component & Equipment

Electronic Component & Equipment

Electronic Component & Equipment

Lian Industry Tools  is an electronic component and device supply chain hybrid distributors, has many years of a global network of sales experience and procurement, with the active components (IC - Converter - Connector - etc.) and other components devices (developing board, test and measure equipments ). Strong Product with competitive price and only new and original quality.

We can fully support you the below equipment.

FPGA, CPLD, RF and Microwave components , Telecommunication components, power management IC, GPS module, Analog-Digital IC. Connectors, Flash , Dram, SRAM, Microcontrollers, MCU, POWER IC , LOGIC IC, MOSFET, OPTO, SENSOR,  etc.

Embedded Computing

Rack mount Computing

Industrial Displays

Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Industrial Wireless Solutions

RTU & Remote I/O

Router , Switch , Module , Access Point , Firewall


The products are widely used in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, digital to analog communications, medical equipment, shipbuilding industry, new energy.